Agree or Disagree: You are pleased with your city Public Transit System.

In my fine city of Calgary Alberta, we have been in a long process of attempting to improve our Public Transit System. Our system compared to some others out there has been considered by many commuters as one of the worst.

This week Calgary Transit opened  the West leg of the Transit System. Unlike some cities, our C-Trian/LRT hasn’t covered the entire city. We have also had delays in service not only in winter where it is expected, but in the summer as well. Summer time, things should be generally running smoothly. But in the fine city if the #yyc, not always..

As much as we complain about our system, I’m sure if you live in a different city, you think some thoughts about your system. What works and how annoying it is when you miss or the bus is running late. You might remember the incident in Saskatoon with the Bus Driver swearing at a customer as an example.

So for added consideration, I thought I would add the top Transit Systems in Canada as well as around the USA. What is interesting is that a recent study in 2011 shows 12% of commuters in Canada actually use the Transit System in their city.

Here’s the USA

From the feedback I read online, the general consensus in Canada was Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

What are your thoughts? Do you like yours?


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