Agree or Disagree: Science trumps Scripture.

One day last week, I was winding down my day with a good old stare at the TV and flip the remote control aimlessly.  The first thing I noticed was that there is lots of channels I actually don’t watch. One of them happens to be Channel 51 which according to my Tv is CTS. This happens to be a Christian Television Station.


But the topic they were discussing caught my attention. It’s a Talk Show Called It’ Your Call. The host presented a topic that asks Does Science trump Scripture?


The essence of the question seems to be this. If Scripture is what Christians are using as the Word of God, should not what the Bible says give a staring place to Gods handiwork?

 Here’s the article.

In the discussion, the host pointed out scientists like Dr. Frances Collins is using Science to interpret the Scriptures. He also noted that the Bible has contributed to some scientific breakthroughs. Things like the earth being round not flat and the existence of dinosaurs.

 I love the Bible, but I have never read it for a pure scientific view. Furthermore, other the Luke who was a Doctor, there wasn’t a writer that had a scientific background. And Luke is writing a story about Jesus and the beginnings of the Christian Church. So although the Bible certainly has some things to say about the foundations of the Earth, I think we can agree there have been some advances since it was written. Furthermore, the Bible wasn’t written in a pure scientific form. For example Genesis. It discusses Creation, but it does not go into a detail, blow by blow. Things like Genesis 1: 7 which states God “made the and separated the water”. How that exactly happened is not discussed. 


Now, some might disagree. The simplicity of the Creation story is God created the earth, and all of the living beings in it. That is that. Bringing this into question, then brings to question the actual authority of the Bible for some. 


What are your thoughts? Does the Bible give credibility to Science? Or does Science make claims opposite to Scripture?  Or are the two different things?

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