Agree or Disagree: It should be mandatory that all political candidates participate in all candidates forum.

Joan Crockatt drew the ire of Mayor Naheed Nenshi and many Calgarians.

She is a Conservative Candidate in a Calgary Centre Bye-Election. There was a debate on Sunday at Calgary Centre Riding. The debate was focusing on city issues. Crockett decided to go door knocking on Sunday instead.

This drew the ire of Mayor Nenshi, which you can read here.

Now this will not be the first or the last time candidates have missed forums. As a matter of fact, Mayor Nenshi might remember that in the previous mayoral election, there were many candidates that did is forums. It happens in provincial elections as well.

So, do you think it is a fair expectation that all candidates should go to the debates or forums? Are some overreacting to Joan Crockatt?

Agree or Disagree: A Family Unit is based “natural plumbing

Do you remember Billy Graham? He was a well respected evangelist that had the respect of Presidents and people alike. He held a moral high ground and stance. But when he spoke, you generally listened.

Billy has 2 sons and a daughter who have become ministers as well. There’s Anne Graham Lotz, Will Graham and Franklin Graham.

Franklin is the President of Samaritans Purse. And he might have the Graham name, but when he speaks , I think people might cringe.

For example, in this video seen here, Franklin has stated that a Gay couple cannot be considered a family unit because of “plumbing”

So here would be my questions for Franklin.

What about those who were unable to have children by “natural” means? They then decide to adopt children. Does this count as a family unit?

What about those who have decided to foster children? Again, does this count as a family?

As much as one can disagree with his views on whether same sex couples can adopt, I’m more dissapointed in the view of family.

The family unit dynamic has changed over time.Apart from what I mentioned, we have blended families from previous marriages and relationships. But moreover, there has been a movement towards creating community as a family or in some cases called a “tribe”.I have some close personal friends, as you might as well, that you would consider family. Not by a birth means, but by a natural deep connection that happens over time. One’s that bonds can never be broken. Moreover, some “natural” family have been broken or suffered over deep hurt. At times they do not act like a family.

I feel Franklin Graham should know this and respect this. Why? Because his father did. He was asked these questions in letters all the time and gave respectable answers.

I don’t think it’s unfair for us to expect this from Franklin Graham.

Agree or Disagree:Guys are not as straightforward as girls when it comes to dating

This idea was branched out of a conversation I was a part of on Facebook last night.


The premise of the discussion is based around a quote “Girls should like guys that are straightforward. If they don’t they are silly”.


We ended up discussing if girls are straightforward when it comes to relationships.


Now, I realize that there are some generalities in this statement. However, to dig this forward, let’s help break this down to two questions.


1)      Who should be straightforward in dating?

2)      When is the right time to be straightforward? There is no exact answer, but I’m sure there are ideas.



This leads to an idea. I notice, and I’m not the only one, that there seems to be a real logjam when it comes to the dating scene in Calgary. Particularly with Christians. I think it is happening in other places too. It feels like a junior high dance. Guys on one side. Girls on the others. No one wanting to cross the line.


To be blunt, for Christians, I don’t think the church has helped. Any dating discussion has been led by someone who is married. Reminding us about Gods will. And you should go to church for God, not to find a mate. And quite frankly, other things that in an attempt to be assuring, comes across trite. Especially when it comes from someone who’s married.


What I would like to open up is the possibility of a Dating Discussion Group. It can be open to anyone. Single, married, divorced, separated, gay or straight. Perhaps we need to beyond the “rules” and address the issues that we are currently having. The attempt would open the doors to healthier perspective of dating.


Would there be some interest in this discussion?

Agree or Disagree: Social Media has impacted how easily we are offended.

Nick Lewis of the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders thinks he’s a funny guy. And perhaps he is. 


He made what he thought was a funny tweet this week which was “I just bought OJ’s gloves on eBay. Now all I need is a white girl named Nicole. #MaybeALittleToFar.”.


The Calgary Stampeders disagreed. They banned their team from Twitter this week.

Today Nick Lewis is apologetic.


This conversation has lead me to ask 2 questions.


1)     Why were we offended? I have been on Twitter. I have seen many many insults there. I’m not agreeing it was appropriate, but I wonder if it was because it was a celebrity.

2)      I’m wondering if Twitter and Facebook has caused us to be easily offended. Twitter is a forum that allows people to make quick and conscience comments. But it also a place where we can easily “react” and perhaps over react.


To be clear, this was not a funny joke no matter who said it.  But imagine for a minute you were at a bar with a bunch of your friends. One of them being Nick. Nick said this. Would you laugh? Or respond in anger.


Why is it different on Twitter or Social Media? Are we more easily offended?

Agree or Disagree: Extramarital Affairs are more common then we want to admit

Pat Robertson made the news today when he discussed the issue of former CIA Director David Petraeus admission of having an extra marital affair.

Here is the  video of his take here.

There is also an article written here.

As easy as it is to criticize Pat Robertson for this, reading some of the Tweets today, i felt that something was missing. 

Let’s look a little further into the “She’s a good looking woman and he’s a man” comment.

Picture it. You are out of town on a business trip, After a hards day work full of meetings, you decide to head to the bar for a drink. You sit at the bar table alone. Someone catches your eye. The first thing you think is “I’m married or in a relationship.” The second thing that might cross your mind is “Yes, but I’m not dead. So you decide to talk to this person. The conversation starts to pick up and low and behold, it is past your bedtime. 

But you don’t want this conversation to end. You both decide to go upstairs. You mentally give a time frame of an hour. That passes. You both have had a little too much to drink. One thing leads to another.  and another….Then the next morning.

You wake up with a deep regret. But no one will ever know. It’s done. 

But as your day goes on, you spend most of your day thinking about what happened. Yes you regret it. But there’s a small part of you that admits deep down you haven’t been happy in this. What’s the harm in continuing? We don’t live in the same town.

Perhaps on a deeper level, this is what Robertson is saying. Not that it’s the man or the woman’s fault, but this can happen more frequently then we care to admit.

What do you think?