Agree or Disagree: Reading Restaurant reviews impact your decision on where to eat.

Down the street from my house is a place called Gratitude Cafe. It’s a Vegetarian restaurant. It has a neat concept. There are game boards, it has a relaxing concept, and the food reviews are generally pretty strong.

However, the reviews on the service have been very negative. There were comments on how a waitress talked down to customers. Or publicly embarrassing waitress or cooks. It has got a nickname of “Attitude Cafe”.

So after a friend of mine went there, I decided to check it out. I did not have a bad experience, however in the back of my mind I wondered if I was going to get yelled at.

There are many options on where you can post or get a review on a restaurant. You would think, it should impact service, but at times it doesn’t. 

But before you go to a restaurant, do you check out reviews? Does that impact your decision?

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