Agree or Disagree: Prostitution shield be legalized everywhere.

Over the years, there has been  a shift in our society’s outward acceptance or prostitution. I say outward, because the law hasn’t prevented or stopped people from using the services. The recognition of this, has called for some to legalize it. And in some cases it is. For example in Canada, it is legal to exchange sex for money. However you cannot profit from prostitution. So if you encourage someone to go to a bawdy house, that is illegal.



This chart is interesting. It shows which countries where it is legal and where it isn’t. If you drop over the country, you can see where prostitution is legal and where it isn’t.


Now opponents of legalizing prostitution would argue that this is demeaning to woman. It has lead to many other social issues and economic issues including drug addiction, and abuse. Here is a link from a group called Prostitution Research and Education on 10 reasons why it should not be legal.


I’m sure some of you will say that there some valid arguments either way. Some would argue no.

 However, perhaps the biggest question is what does our view of prostitution say about where we are as a culture? And should or can it change?

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