Agree or Disagree: A Family Unit is based “natural plumbing

Do you remember Billy Graham? He was a well respected evangelist that had the respect of Presidents and people alike. He held a moral high ground and stance. But when he spoke, you generally listened.

Billy has 2 sons and a daughter who have become ministers as well. There’s Anne Graham Lotz, Will Graham and Franklin Graham.

Franklin is the President of Samaritans Purse. And he might have the Graham name, but when he speaks , I think people might cringe.

For example, in this video seen here, Franklin has stated that a Gay couple cannot be considered a family unit because of “plumbing”

So here would be my questions for Franklin.

What about those who were unable to have children by “natural” means? They then decide to adopt children. Does this count as a family unit?

What about those who have decided to foster children? Again, does this count as a family?

As much as one can disagree with his views on whether same sex couples can adopt, I’m more dissapointed in the view of family.

The family unit dynamic has changed over time.Apart from what I mentioned, we have blended families from previous marriages and relationships. But moreover, there has been a movement towards creating community as a family or in some cases called a “tribe”.I have some close personal friends, as you might as well, that you would consider family. Not by a birth means, but by a natural deep connection that happens over time. One’s that bonds can never be broken. Moreover, some “natural” family have been broken or suffered over deep hurt. At times they do not act like a family.

I feel Franklin Graham should know this and respect this. Why? Because his father did. He was asked these questions in letters all the time and gave respectable answers.

I don’t think it’s unfair for us to expect this from Franklin Graham.


One response to “Agree or Disagree: A Family Unit is based “natural plumbing

  1. I’d probably have a few other questions for Franklin Graham though I’ll just give a couple of these here. How do you account for people that are born neither male or female? There is a category of people known as “Intersex” so there can be another gender for one point.

    Secondly, how does he view people that have gender reassignment surgery? In this case, the family suddenly does get 2 moms or 2 dads if one half of the married couple ends up changing their gender. I do wonder how this is reconciled within his view of Christianity as we seem to be able to do things that I can wonder if he is aware of the existence of such techniques in the world.

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