Agree or Disagree-We need to stop volunteering at homeless shelters and soup kitchens

Last night I participated in discussion on how to solve some issues related to poverty in Calgary.

There were many themes and discussions that came out. One thing we did get too, I think was some deeper discussion then a simple “hand out.”

This point came from someone who I would consider qualified to make this statement. It’s someone who has spent some time at  the shelter and has worked with volunteers.

This is the statement that was said. “Instead of 30 people coming from a church and spending an hour helping in the kitchen, why not 3 come and spend some real time with them.”

There was another theme that came up that was interesting. A theme called “Poverty Porn”. The term comes from a book called Damnation. It basically means that perhaps our help is more on the level of making us feel good, rather then actual help. Instant Gratification.

Here is an interesting thing to note. Did you know when the boom hit in Calgary from 2001-2006 that the top 20% of Calgarians  felt the positive impact of it. In other words, the money that we thought should solve the problem didn’t.Those that were stuck, were still stuck. 

Clearly, we do need to look at different ways. And to add another perspective, I’ll post Culture Rebels blog as a part of this which you can read here.

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