The Thank You Experiment: Day 2.



You might just wonder why on earth this picture has anything to do with The Thank You Experiment.

I live in a unique area where there are 5…. yes… 5 Tim Hortons near me. One of them happens to be in the Safeway.

Every evening, I would take the quick 10 minute walk too the Safeway to pick up my Timmies. Unless it is a new employee, they make every effort to remember my order. Now you may say, “Well you are in there enough, they SHOULD  know your order”.  What is interesting is there is another Tim’s I go too and I get the exact same person every time I go there. That guy has never remembered what I order. 

And it’s not that I’m special. There are others they have remembered. I’ve been there when they do it.

I’m thankful that there are people that are that considerate. Thank you Safeway Timmies.

I’m also thankful that it appears that this Thank You Experiment has started to inspire others to consider taking up the challenge.

The following two bloggers have decided to take try it. Feel free to read the Dulock Diaries here. As well as Natasha at

If you are interested in taking up this challenge, let me know.

Thank You.


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