Agree or Disagree: You would trade Stephen Harper for Barack Obama as leader of your country



There has been some recents polls that there are many Canadians that would trade Stephen Harper to the United States for Barack Obama as Prime Minister of Canada.

However, there are many Americans that would trade Barack Obama for Stephen Harper as President of the United States.

If you had a choice of either Harper or Obama, who would you pick?


2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: You would trade Stephen Harper for Barack Obama as leader of your country

  1. I would never have President Obama the Prime Minister of Canada because simply he does not know the different laws nor should Prime Minister of Canada be President of America because of different Laws. Rt Honorable Prime Minister Harper is a Man who is always working on the Economic Situations of Canada. Weather it be Oil Pipeline Jobs, Construction Jobs for Highways and Municipal Roads and Sewars, Education Loans, Human Services Offices. I hate it when everybody is coming after the Prime Minister over small paybacks to just borrow in Public Government. They found the money was Out so pay it. What is it Criminal. I know it may mean wrongful payment but the amount has been payed. I myself go into situations that I go above my spending limits and have a overdraft account. People in Power have to do things in a fast way and on the way that they forget they have over gone the amount…..Come On Give me a Break. We have people with jobs and or unemployed and go above those times. This kind attack towards the Government is unjust. They are Protecting us Through the Police and Armed Forces. What would You Do?????? Being Overdraft is NOT CRIMINAL!!!!!!

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