Agree or Disagree: It is NEVER OKAY for a man to hit a woman.

I’m sure you are looking at this and thinking that the statement is obvious. However, there was an article posted about a survey that only  1 male in 10 believe in Alberta believe that statement.

The article can be read here.

I know quite a few males and I am personally stunned by this. I actually want to prove this wrong. And Males I need your help.

I’m not one to start a rah-rah chant or a cheerleading squad, but tonight in this topic, I hope men step up and speak out.

So if you are a guy, I am challenging you as a man to step up and agree with this statement. Count yourself part of the people that agree with this. It doesn’t matter where you are, as this is not an Alberta issue speak out.

I’m going to say this clearly so there is no confusion.

I’m a man. I’m from Alberta. It is never, ever, ok to hit a woman.



40 responses to “Agree or Disagree: It is NEVER OKAY for a man to hit a woman.

  1. I must agree with Bob. There are absolutely cases of self-defense. Violence towards others, male or female, is almost always unwarranted…but never is a really strong word.

  2. That being said. I think tho if there is any opportunity to either walk away or over power with out violence that option should be taken first, and violence should be avoided.

  3. No no, If someone was hitting you and you couldn’t get away for example. If you’re stronger then them restrain them until you can call the cops or get help.

  4. Try to get away first, restrain if you can’t, and only if you/re in serious danger would violence be accepted.

  5. Again, this makes me uncomfortable, because I think that would be a rare case, and would generally stick with it’s never okay.

  6. There’s been cases of seniors being attacked by others, including females or cases where female soldiers/spies/terrorists are about to kill innocent people. I think the principle of respecting women should always apply – men are in general physically stronger than woman and should use that strength respectfully, there are clearly cases where another principle becomes more important.

  7. Oh and I didn’t even mention the times when I was sparring in boxing class and was partnered with my female classmates. Clearly, if I didn’t hit them, they wouldn’t want to spar with me.

  8. NEVER is a very strong word. If some lady is coming at me with a gun and threatening the life of me and my family and the only option I have is to hit her, darn right I will!!! This isn’t in the least bit related to battery or abuse. I would never hit my wife, not even if she was coming at me with a gun. But some drugged out thief with a weapon…

    And there is also, as Jojo mentioned, instances of athletics. I do remember from the olympics that some of the lady’s that one medals in fighting were training with men and being treated as equals. Would it not be sexist and oppressive to force and absolute on them due to their gender? lol 😉

  9. ‎”Never” Cindy? So if someone was trying to rape or kill you, you would just succumb to their will and would let them do as they please, without hitting, kicking, or kneeing them anywhere you can?

  10. @ Dave Noelle,, we are not talking about self defense here and who knows what I might use in self defense and dare anyone judge responsive behavior.

  11. I’m glad to see that the link I posted prompted you to create awareness about the issue. If only more people did what your doing! Every time I post a link on issues of importance, I wonder how many people read it or think about how they can make the world a better place. It’s refreshing to see that you chose to take action and shed light on the issue.

  12. I personally have escaped a nasty relationship by running, I never hit back and my life was changed dramatically. We need to be ultra careful to walk in the other people’s shoes when dealing with domestic violence, there are layers upon layers upon layers of events that lead to outcomes.

  13. I would say when it comes to athletics, perfectly fine and in fact welcomed like a couple gentlemen have already mentioned here. I quite enjoy sparring with men! For self defense, also fine; of course within discretion. When it comes to abuse; domestic violence is not acceptable from either gender. Very important to mention here that there is indeed a double standard when it comes to physical abuse, but there is also the key factor of men naturally being stronger physically. Regardless, those are my thoughts in a general sense on the issue.

  14. Another instance of hitting by a man to a female is play-fighting, for example between siblings or good friends. This is also acceptable. 🙂

  15. Bob, in regards to your comments that ‘men can be raped too’, if it is a legitimate rape does that mean the man can’t get pregnant?

  16. I would like to point out to all those who talk about self defense and sports…the article Kevin linked us to was “If she Angered him” then physical assault was ok. I would think that clearly if a man were fighting for his life, safety, or for a point, then it’s ok, but simply because somebody angered him, is never ok. I do think that 10% of men who agree it’s ok is disturbing, but even more disturbing is that (apparently) less than 1% of women report physical violence…Which says to me that a higher percentage of women agree with those stats (or are too afraid to report it at all)

  17. Disagree. If a PERSON is coming at you with an intent to harm, and hitting is the only thing that will keep you alive, then hit them – regardless of their gender. Crazy is still crazy and murderous is still murderous when someone’s out for
    blood, and both genders have been guilty of violence over the centuries.

    I also condone it if someone is attacking/abusing a person or an animal that is helpless to defend itself. If I was a guy and walked in and saw a woman harming or torturing a child or an animal, I’d hit her. My step-grandmother (who I suspect was a psychopath) used to abuse my biological grandmother’s children – including my birth mother – with violence and severe emotional abuse. Honestly, I wish my quiet and gentle grandfather had beat the living snot out of her and sent her packing before she had a chance to utterly destroy so many lives.

    To be clear, I don’t agree with violence at all except in the case of self-defense or defending someone who cannot defend themselves.

  18. Ok, so I got the link to the article to work… The question posed there is very different than the simple “agree or disagree.” And the first thing I wonder is if there was some serious fine print involved. To imply that 90% of men think domestic violence is fine is simply a lie! I believe there is an agenda behind this. Just like the implication that 48% of men are rapists because they feel wearing provocative clothing may increase the chance of rape. That doesn’t mean they think it is deserved! It just means they think rapists would target a scantily clad women over one who is more conservatively dressed. That says nothing about whether or not they think rape is ever deserved! I am guessing this survey was performed and ‘analyzed’ by man-hating feminists. Because I think 90% of men in Alberta would come to the aid of a woman who was being beaten by a man, I know I have and I was punched in the face by a drunk idiot. I don’t think mis-representation helps domestic violence at all. In fact if people keep twisting stats to demonize men they might just start believing that bull crap one day.

  19. I have a solution for ALL of this – if you see a woman abusing a child or a kitten – or if she’s about to attack you – send a female friend after her…and enjoy the Girl Fight. LMAO!

    For some reason, I’ve noticed that there are ~some~ elements of the feminist left tend to demonize men – probably a backlash against, oh, I don’t know, all of those centuries of rape, discrimination and seeing females as personal property and walking uteruses with a mouth. LOL! However, I DO believe that demonizing men goes too far and is hypocritical – I mean, equal rights means BOTH genders are treated equally, you don’t go the other way and start bashing men. In my eyes, doing that kind of goes against why feminism began in the first place. I understand the anger that feminists feel towards men – and the sexism that still exists in modern society pisses me off to no end. However, it doesn’t excuse the attitude of retribution that SOME (not all) feminists feel towards men. I tend to be a middle-ground person – equal rights for both genders. I don’t know if we’ll ever get there, however. Comments from Republicans in the US lately show us how far we have to go. “Legitimate rape” indeed…makes you wonder if those idiots have ever heard of a thing called “science.”

  20. To be fair, though, the legitimate rape comment was by one guy from Missouri, where science is illegal. I heard many other Republican politicians and commentators condemn him.

  21. Dan, your not saying that there is a political agenda involved in these things? No way, I won’t believe it….! Lmao 😉 If one political affiliation manages to demonize a percentage of the population that is usually on the other ‘side’ it wins them votes. Just like ‘lefties’ are all atheist communist dictators who want to kill children, neuter men, and behead anyone of faith…

  22. Now Dave, that’s not true. We lefties simply want to tax the shit out of everyone so we can oust the oil and gas companies and fund wind, solar, tidal and geothermal power, smoke pot and plant trees….and save lots of water by seldom bathing so when the Americans invade us for our fresh water, they’ll be repelled by the stench of pot smoke and body odor and will run right back to the States.

    See? We’re not all bad. Now excuse me while I go have a vegan tofu shake for breakfast, ride my bicycle to work, buy some dairy-free free-trade coffee and mock a Christian to tears before going to my job at an algae-powered hemp shop. I need to get in early to put up our “We Are The 99%!” sign before the Feminist Drum Empowerment group comes in at 10am…right before the bra-burning festival begins at 11…

    (…and in case anyone isn’t fluent in tongue-in-cheek sarcasm – I’m joking. 😉 I’m a middle-slightly-left person and can see the ridiculousness on both the left AND right sides. :-D).

  23. Em…Dave, did you read the article? It’s 1 in 10 men think violence towards women is ok if she angers him…that’s 10%, not 90%…although the article is heavily opinionated, it’s not suggesting that 48% of men are rapists, it’s saying 48
    % of men think a woman who doesn’t dress appropriately deserves to be raped….although further studies proves that most women (and children) who’ve reported, were raped by a family member, or someone they know well…which in no way says “scantily clad women” are a higher target for rapists.

    Also, this survey, performed and ‘analyzed’ by man-hating feminists was written by a male.

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