An update to yesterday’s Agree or Disagree:

Interesting Article in Today’s Calgary Herald.

Let me add this comment.

If this letter to the editor ended with  “ I was attacked by a stranger and I should have had a gun”, a lot would have agreed.. I’m going to be blunt, the fact that people are laughing at someone and making fun of him because he is an American, offends me. You weren’t there, you didn’t see what he went through.


There was a story a few years ago about someone needing help with their car, and they were actually attacking people that were trying to be helpful. This was in the Calgary area.  Unless you are in an actual situation, you wouldn’t know how a person felt at that time. There are things like Safewalk on Campuses for example for the very reason is some are actually scared. So the connection, I’m making is being attacked or feeling like you might be attacked is not something we should be laughing at. I bet you many people who have been attacked, now carry something, like mace for example, for protection.

 Call me odd, but the fact that some Calgarians and even restaurants posting jokes are making fun of a serious situation is awful.


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