Agree or Disagree: You should have knowledge in Self Defence. Perhaps an important point of #NoseHillNeighbor.

People have been having quite a laugh at the #NoseHillGentleman this week.

For those who don’t know, the #NoseHillGentleman is a concept from a letter to the editor in the Calgary Herald. The gentleman who is known as Officer Wawra from Kalamazoo Michigan was concerned about a conversation he and his family was about to have with some strangers. The strangers were asking him if he enjoyed the Calgary Stampede. He felt a little too aggressively. Turns out they were offering TICKETS to the Calgary Stampede. To the point that he was upset he wasn’t allowed to carry a gun in Calgary

Now while, I certainly do not agree with his approach and it is fair game to question Officer Wawra, I think it’s important to note that we do get stories in the main pages about people being attacked in different ways.

I was actually one of them. In the 1990’s, I did not have a key for the place I was staying. So I was walking around late at night when someone approached me asking for money. I didn’t have any and was chased down and attacked by this person. Fortunately, he only broke my nose before someone stopped it.

Yes, Calgary is generally a safe community, but let us not be naïve and assume something awful can’t happen. It can, when you least expect it.

So my question is, do you know what to do in case God-forbid, something scary happens?  No, you should not  carry a gun, but what are your plans in situations like this?

Because as much as we laugh at the #nosehillgentleman, his point about wanting to protect the ones he loves is legit. We all would want to do the same thing if we felt there was trouble.


2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: You should have knowledge in Self Defence. Perhaps an important point of #NoseHillNeighbor.

  1. I don’t understand. The case of the #NoseHillGentleman has nothing to do with protecting ones loved ones. Paranoia, and potentially murderous paranoia is as dangerous as a mugger. Ofcourse you agree he wanted to protect his loved ones, who wouldn’t agree with that, though the #NoseHillGentleman isn’t bringing up any kind of deep conversation about his rights to protect himself or our own awareness, or lack there of, of potential dangers in our society. He actually proves the opposite, that the more we fear, the more dangerous we are. No wonder there are so many gun owners in the States.
    You are really stretching the connection.
    I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you.

    • Hi Zack,

      I think the heart of it does. We weren’t there, or had that gut feeling of what was coming. Interesting enough a spokesman from the Calgary Stampede stating that they didn’t need too “give away tickets.”

      I think if this story ended worse, we would be having a different discussion.

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