Agree or Disagree: Faith Healers have been a disservice to a reputation of Christianity.

I think when one sees a Faith Healer on TV, there is many that might cringe or at the very least question ones motives.

In 2003, The Fifth Estate put out this documentary on Benny Hinn. In spite of some of the things mentioned in this and other similar documentaries, he is still very popular. If you go on his website, you can find dates that he is on tour, which includes a date in Toronto on August 9.

Benny Hinn  is not the only one. Another one that has made the rounds is a guy named Todd Bentley. Bentley has been around for a while. Here is a small clip from Nightline.

Tens of thousands have come to him to expect a healing. However he was not a saint. This is a clip of a confession of Todd and his now wife that were living in an affair while they were on tour.

In both cases, these people are under great demand to go to services and conferences. People are still going looking for a healing and a miracle.

So have these guys, and others like them have done a disservice to the reputation of Christianity?

And a side question.What does it mean to be “filled with the Spirit?”


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