The Week that was June 25 – June 30

As we approach Canada Day…. eh. Let’s look back on the week that was.

It was the last week for school, so I think we should all take a second to sing “Schools out for Summer”.

Some of the news of the week that made headlines were.

Obamacare will change the political landscape. The Supreme Court decided, the controversy had not ended.

Elliot Bay Ontario was shocked by the collapse of the Algo Centre Mall. Hugely impacting the economy and lives were lost.

Bishop Fred Henry was upset that Catholic Schools in Edmonton were giving out vaccines for HPV. Calgary Catholic Schools did not give them.

The Agree or Disagree that caused the most discussion was if the Adult Film industry has had a positive impact.

If you are in Calgary, there are two things you should be aware of. One, Molson is doing  a project called the Red Leaf project. It’s an awesome project that will take part in the Beltline as they are going to build a park from the ground up. This will take place July 2.

Also, if you are into the arts, one thing you should look into is a monthly show called the LimeLighter. It is at the Village Brewery on 5000 12A St SE. It showcases Calgary artists and musicians. Please go to or like them on Facebook. There was one last night and it was a good time.

Happy Canada Day… eh…

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