Agree or Disagree: Bishop Fred Henry and his stance on not giving vaccinations for HPV

Bishop Fred Henry.

He is or he thinks he the moral authority..

This afternoon I sat and stared in shock as I read two articles in the Calgary Sun, one here


Bell: Calgary bishop won’t back down on HPV vaccine — or anything else

and one here

Calgary bishop blasts Edmonton trustees over HPV vaccination stance

on how Bishop Fred Henry is encouraging Catholic Schools in Edmonton to be like Calgary to stop HPV vaccinations.

You see, it’s not the good Bishops responsibility of your sexual choices. If you make a bad choice, the last place to come to apparently is the Catholic Church. Listen to this comment from the fine Bishop.

“What is our teaching on sexuality? If people choose to walk away from that life there are consequences and they have to acknowledge that — it’s not my job.”

What about the fact that the vaccine can help more then HPV?  Studies are showing that the vaccine might help in cervical cancer. No matter. Rules are rules to Bishop Henry.

The idea of a church should be a place where people can come to get healing. Vaccines are met to help people, not punish the “sinner” who does not fall under a stance of the church. It even looks worse when some in a church want to help, and the Bishop rebukes them.

Many of known of Bishop Henry’s stance in the past. He’s battled Ralph Klein and Conrad Black. He’s been taken to the Human Rights Commission. He will not back down. Some admire that. But in this case, he’s offside. This is a vaccine. A simple vaccine. No one is asking him to change his moral

Bishop Henry has been a Bishop in Calgary for a long time. But the anger here to him is more than justified. In my view, he’s using his cloth and church authority in an attempt to prove his moral superiority. To me that is disgusting and sad.

There are many that cross my path that are more than tired of the idea of church and religion. Bishop Henry reminds us he does not want to be trendy.

People don’t want to be trendy Bishop Henry. They want you to act like the Guy who died on the Cross that you carry around your neck.

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