Agree or Disagree: The right to die.

I know we have never discussed this before. I imagine for some this might be quite personal for us.

There was a recent ruling in B.C. saying banning the right to die or doctor assisted suicide was ruled as unconstitutional and ordered Parliament to rewrite within a year.

I think something like this will somehow impact us. Perhaps you or someone within your circle will have to answer this question. Or you have.

Meanwhile here is 64 year old Gloria Taylor. She has Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS. Her story and perspective interesting considering she was one of the plaintiffs in the case.

What would you think if this was you?


2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: The right to die.

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  2. disagree but also agree, where do rights come from? who gave us life? well I know our parents did, but what if they are no longer around? did we give ourselves life? then how can we give ourselves any rights? it is the creator who gave us life, he determines our right to it or to end it, so depending on the circumstances this is really a very shaky ground people are treading on, so who is the creator? once you determine that you can ask him what rights you have. but he also gave us free will to determine how our lives will go, we are accountable to him for our decisions, but as for life and death decisions that is really a very grey area. hard to know for sure, depends on teh circumstances and the like. myself if I was facing a serious matter I would approach Jehovah for guidance on what his will is, being a loving creator he doesnt want us to make hasty decisons and he doesn’t want us to suffer unecessarily either, we don’t always know all the facts but he surly does.

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