The Week that was June 25 – June 30

As we approach Canada Day…. eh. Let’s look back on the week that was.

It was the last week for school, so I think we should all take a second to sing “Schools out for Summer”.

Some of the news of the week that made headlines were.

Obamacare will change the political landscape. The Supreme Court decided, the controversy had not ended.

Elliot Bay Ontario was shocked by the collapse of the Algo Centre Mall. Hugely impacting the economy and lives were lost.

Bishop Fred Henry was upset that Catholic Schools in Edmonton were giving out vaccines for HPV. Calgary Catholic Schools did not give them.

The Agree or Disagree that caused the most discussion was if the Adult Film industry has had a positive impact.

If you are in Calgary, there are two things you should be aware of. One, Molson is doing  a project called the Red Leaf project. It’s an awesome project that will take part in the Beltline as they are going to build a park from the ground up. This will take place July 2.

Also, if you are into the arts, one thing you should look into is a monthly show called the LimeLighter. It is at the Village Brewery on 5000 12A St SE. It showcases Calgary artists and musicians. Please go to or like them on Facebook. There was one last night and it was a good time.

Happy Canada Day… eh…

Agree or Disagree: The Adult Film Industry has had a positive impact.

I would suspect that this topic will cause some instant reactions.

Some might say yes. Because we are now more open to sexuality as a whole. Sex is something not too fear.

But others might say no. It has caused some sexual addictions, damaged marriage and created some unhealthy expectations on what a woman should look like. Or how sex should be.

Here’s something interesting. Although it has been commonly thought it was men that viewed pornography, studies are showing that women are too.

One site I would recommend viewing no matter what your position on this topic is at XXX Church. They have done some research on this.

Agree or Disagree: Bishop Fred Henry and his stance on not giving vaccinations for HPV

Bishop Fred Henry.

He is or he thinks he the moral authority..

This afternoon I sat and stared in shock as I read two articles in the Calgary Sun, one here


Bell: Calgary bishop won’t back down on HPV vaccine — or anything else

and one here

Calgary bishop blasts Edmonton trustees over HPV vaccination stance

on how Bishop Fred Henry is encouraging Catholic Schools in Edmonton to be like Calgary to stop HPV vaccinations.

You see, it’s not the good Bishops responsibility of your sexual choices. If you make a bad choice, the last place to come to apparently is the Catholic Church. Listen to this comment from the fine Bishop.

“What is our teaching on sexuality? If people choose to walk away from that life there are consequences and they have to acknowledge that — it’s not my job.”

What about the fact that the vaccine can help more then HPV?  Studies are showing that the vaccine might help in cervical cancer. No matter. Rules are rules to Bishop Henry.

The idea of a church should be a place where people can come to get healing. Vaccines are met to help people, not punish the “sinner” who does not fall under a stance of the church. It even looks worse when some in a church want to help, and the Bishop rebukes them.

Many of known of Bishop Henry’s stance in the past. He’s battled Ralph Klein and Conrad Black. He’s been taken to the Human Rights Commission. He will not back down. Some admire that. But in this case, he’s offside. This is a vaccine. A simple vaccine. No one is asking him to change his moral

Bishop Henry has been a Bishop in Calgary for a long time. But the anger here to him is more than justified. In my view, he’s using his cloth and church authority in an attempt to prove his moral superiority. To me that is disgusting and sad.

There are many that cross my path that are more than tired of the idea of church and religion. Bishop Henry reminds us he does not want to be trendy.

People don’t want to be trendy Bishop Henry. They want you to act like the Guy who died on the Cross that you carry around your neck.

Agree or Disagree: He or She, is just not that into you.

In 2004, Greg Behrandt wrote this book called He is just not that into You. It was made into a movie in 2009 with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, and Drew Barrymore.

Both the book and the movie caused a great discussion on the mixed messages we get and give in terms of relationships. Many of us have been in the place of over anaylizing the intent or the non intent of what people are doing in a relationship. Why hasn’t he called? Or she called? Or why is she calling now?
 The book has been out for 8 years, and I think there was  a certain sting when this starement came out. But in your mind, if you have read the book has that helped you in relationships? Or is this a over generalized statement?

Or is it even true? Do you read, or tell your friends to read the signs out and anaylize if they are really that into you?

Agree or Disagree: Faith the size of a Mustard Seed…

You have heard the saying that Faith the size of a Mustard Seed can move mountains.

But you might have had heard, or even said things like “If I only have had more money, then…” or “If I only had that job, then…”

Do you see a connection between the sayings? Or have you experienced the kind of faith that can move mountains in your life?


Agree or Disagree: The legacy of Ralph Klein

The name Ralph Klein or “King Ralph” rings through in Calgary and Alberta.

Before he was Premier of Alberta, He was Mayor of Calgary. Before he was Mayor of Calgary, He was a reporter for CFCN News.

There is no question of his impact on Alberta. Please note, I said impact, I didn’t say positive or negative. One might remember, that the race between him and Lawrence Decore of the then Liberals was close. And the Conservatives were criticized for their fiscal policies. Klein balanced the budget, and paid down the debt which made Alberta the envy to some.

However, it was not at a price. If you lived in Calgary, you will remember the General Hospital being torn down and the Holy Cross Hospital closing. You might also remember the issues with wait times as well issues with education.

Klein’s appeal to some was that he was one of the boys. That also was not without controversy.Klein admitted with his own personal demons with alcohol. He also had several controversies which including calling Belinda Stronach on November 9, 2006 saying this.

“Belinda roasted me as a Conservative, but of course now she’s a Liberal.. and I wasn’t surprised that she crossed over; I don’t think she ever did have a Conservative bone in her body.. well, except for one.” Klein was referring to her relationship with Peter Mckay.

He will also be remembered for “Ralphbucks” in 2005. That may be the microcosm of Klein. For some, it was a great idea to put money in everyones pockets. But people looked at the issues on Alberta, and felt that the money could have been used to help out the province.

He was loved by some, hated by others. That will never change. He is currently suffering from COPD and dementia.

Perhaps the question isn’t if King Ralph deserves the Order of Canada. That will always be controversial and there will be many more controversies on who gets the award.

The question I wonder is if Ralph had to do it again, would he? That will say more about his legacy then any Order can.

An Open Letter to Supporters of Mark Driscoll

After ANOTHER controversy involving Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church in Seattle, I decided to take some action. I have written this letter to supporters of Mark Driscoll as I think it is incumbent upon you to expect more from him than this.

Dear Mars Hill Church and supporters of Mark Driscoll,

I know there are many of you out there.  249,000 of you follow him on Twitter. About 140,000 of you like him on Facebook. You bought his recent book Real Marriage. You watch his YouTube Videos. You quote him. You are out there.

You respect his tough stance, his straight talk theology, his macho take on Jesus. You love the fact that he calls men to step up and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. He represents a big chunk of Christianity.

I’ve been watching you from a short distance and I think it’s time that you and I have a talk about Pastor Mark. Within the last year or so, he has insulted stay at home dads, metro sexual men and husbands of female pastors. This year, the church has come under some question for a situation involving a church discipline contract involving someone who slept with his girlfriend.

Now we have another story that has come out. A story about an artist whom Pastor Mark performed an exorcism on because he felt there were sexual demons in her. You can read her story here.

 Now I know what some of you might be thinking. Matthew Paul Turner is quite critical of Driscoll. And you might be right. And yes, there are other bloggers, including me, that have been critical of Driscoll in the past.

That’s why I’m coming to you. I think and sense that critics are creating a sense of “white noise”. It’s just another issue and it feels like a vendetta.

So let me make you aware of some things you might not know. While his church has grown amazingly well, there is a blog called Mars Hill Refuge, here’s the link. It’s a blog for people that have been deeply hurt by their experience there. People who were willing to serve Mars Hill.

While the whole issue happened with Andrew, the church member coming out, Driscoll happened to be in a conference called the Elephant Room. The Elephant Room is an online conference that brings together well known pastors in the United States like Steven Furtick, and Matt Chandler to discuss some of the issues going on in the church in America. Maybe someone might have questioned him what happened? Nope. They laughed at his jokes and he even got to confront Bishop TD Jakes on his view on the trinity like he was the authority of the church.

 I’ve seen many of you in response to what has happened that there are two sides to the story, I’m sorry, this just doesn’t hold water with me.  When he or his church has been asked about these issues, people have been sent to a website or a recent Driscoll sermon.

And you are also not able to use the answer it happens in every church. Or it’s a minority. Amy was one of 100 members that emailed Turner about issues they had with Mars Hill.

Which leads me to some questions for you. How do you react to this? Surely some of you are scratching your head and want to know what really is going on here.

You follow, or listen to Driscoll because you agree with his theological and or political point of view. But do you wonder who holds him accountable?

How about you who go to or even work at Mars Hill?  You take phone calls and emails about him. I’m sure they are not all praiseworthy, some are quite critical. Has this lead you to ask some questions and get some answers?

There are many big churches in Canada, and in the USA. It is very rare that there has been a series of issues like this from one church.

 There is no question of the impact Driscoll has had on the church. And perhaps, he has had a positive impact on you personally. He has become an authority figure in Christianity.

However, I think it’s time for you as a supporter of Driscoll to start expecting him to answer the questions. It’s time for you as a purchaser of his books, to ask your local Christian bookstore what they know about some of these issues. Or before picking up his book, have a look at what others have said.

I also think that if you work at a Christian bookstore, it is your responsibility to ask what is going on. I know that is what you do with other books and or music that goes on your shelf

Because while you like his posts and retweet his comments, there is a growing group of people expressing their deep hurt by his message and his actions. In a small way, your support continues to enable this behaviour.

If you have as much respect for Driscoll as you say you do, you should expect better answers then what has been given. Or else someone else will need refuge.

Thank you for your consideration,


The Week That Was.

I thought this would be a good Saturday thing to review the week

Agree or Disagree’s.

The Agree or Disagree You talked about the most was The Right to Die.

The Agree or Disagree You Read the most: Ezra Levant issue with the CBSC.

5 Stories of the week

Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of 45 of 48 counts of sexual assaults.

Ralph Klein received the Order of Canada.

Calgarians shared their sympathy on Twitter and Facebook to Mayor Naheed Nenshi who lost his father last weekend.

We met Kathryn Klein who was insulted by students on a school bus in New York. There was a fund set up for her.

The story you might have missed.

I’m going to touch on this tomorrow, but if you haven’t read this. There was a controversial interview about a lady who had an “exorcism” performed on her.

Have a great weekend!

Agree or Disagree: Blessed are those who are insulted

This title comes from a saying from Jesus who says “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” Matt 5:11.

I’m sure we have all felt the sting of being insulted. I know I have on many levels. But there is a story going around that I wanted to share.

The first part of this, I must warn you, will be uncomfortable it is 68 year old Karen Huff Klein who was being insulted by some schools kids from New York.

As uncomfortable and angry as it is too watch, there is a powerful reaction. The video going viral has caused people to step in. Someone decided to start fund to help her out. It’s a website called Indiegogo. At the point of this article the fund was at $185,000.

In an interview today on CTV Newsnet,  it has been reported that the fund has gone up over $300,000. That shows me there is some great human beings out there.

Back to being insulted. I know first hand what it’s like. Including a few times on the way home on a school bus. I also witnessed a friend of mine who drove a school bus deal with it as well. It’s not fun, and it does not feel “blessed”.

But what can be a blessing is the type of people that come around you. And the type of person you can become.