Intro to Blog Series: Love Wins vs Erasing Hell

You might remember this video that stirred up the controversy.

The quote I would like to highlight is:

“What you believe about Heaven and Hell is very important because what you believe about it says what you believe about God.”

Turns out, it was the only thing everyone could agree on this video.  We had a blog and a tweet stating “Farewell Rob Bell”.  We had interviewers challenging him.  One quote from Martin Bashar: “You’re Amending The Gospel So That It’s Palatable”

Enter Francis Chan.  He along with Preston Sparkle wrote a response book called Erasing Hell

His calm demeanour and reflective behaviour, and yes, a piano is trying to calm you down.  He also stresses the importance of this topic by stating: “We can’t afford to be wrong”.

The emotions of the debate have calmed down.  With that, I can now approach this discussion with some calmness and reflection.  And I now have the book Erasing Hell.

Both books (other than the notes) are 5 pages off, with Love Wins being a little bigger with 197 pages.  Also, both have 8 chapters with an introduction.  Erasing Hell includes a chapter from the book Forgotten God which Chan wrote.  So both are quick and easy reads.  That doesn’t mean there weren’t things to chew on.  It’s just a quick read.

I’m actually working on a review for a friend of mine who wanted a thorough review of Love Wins.  In doing this I couldn’t do the book justice by simple review.

When thinking about this, I felt it best to do it this way: I’ll break it down in a series of terms of comparisons to get a better definition of what both Chan and Bell are saying about the topic.  I’ll give my thoughts on those and where I agree, disagree or at points think there is points missing by both.

The breakdown will look like this:
1. Premise
2. Heaven
3. Hell
4. God/Universalism.
5. Conclusion
If you have read both, it might be interesting to see what you have to say.  If you have not, it would be interesting to see your response

One response to “Intro to Blog Series: Love Wins vs Erasing Hell

  1. Ah, yes, the Great Hell Debate of ’11! Those were the days.

    I personally believe Hell exists in some form, but not necessarily the fire-and-brimstone form we’re all used to. To me, Hell is synonymous with death. In fact, in the book of Nicodemus, which was not included in the official canon, says that after Jesus died he went to Sheol, the realm of the dead in ancient Jewish theology, to free all the Old Testament patriarchs from death. Hence the line “He descended to Hell/the dead” in the Apostle’s Creed.

    Also, according to the Apocalypse of Peter (which was also not included in the canon, but was very popular at the time), author sees the damned suffering in Hell, but Jesus says, “Don’t tell anyone, but in the end they all join me in Heaven.”

    Very interesting stuff.

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