What is the Prosperity Gospel?

What is the Prosperity Gospel?

To sum it up in a simple paragraph, the”Prosperity Gospel” basically says that if you have enough faith, God will make us prosperous.  They will back it up with Scripture. They will also talk about having your mind in victory.  For some that don’t follow Christianity, it is quite similar to positive thinking.

Some of the more influential teachers are Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland and Joel Osteen.  Here’s a link to an example of a video from Joel Osteen.

You will notice in the video the size of the crowd.  Osteen church averages over 43,000 attendees a week Over 10 million people watch his weekly sermon.  That would clearly say that people have received and accept this message.

There are fans, and ardent critics.  Some would argue it gives people false hope, it’s unrealistic and to some, clearly not Scriptural.  The most common argument would be Job as a Bible back up.

What do you think? Does your mind and or your faith have an impact on your circumstances on your life?  Or is it just a reality of the world we live in that we will suffer?


One response to “What is the Prosperity Gospel?

  1. I believe the true original prosperity gospel was the one that the first disciples held, that jesus death and resurrection purchased a redeemed restored world back into what it was always meant to be – and that in that comprehensive redemptive plan the saints – those who have put their trust in Him – have an inheritance in this new world. This inheritance is both tangible and purely-relationship oriented (ie. “spiritual blessings”). This good news was so powerful (because it was real to them) that it became everything their life was about: the new world initiated by the resurrection of Christ. Now that is REAL prosperity. So yes – I believe in the prosperity gospel. But not the American one. The eternal one. http://www.hopebelieves.wordpress.com

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