Some After Easter Weekend Sunday Questions.

Last week was Easter weekend. The churches around the world  had some large crowd gatherings reflecting on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Easter and Christmas are generally considered the 2 largest church attendances. According to one report there is a 71% jump in some megachurches for Easter. 41% during Christmas.

So here are some questions?

Are you one that comes to church on Easter and Christmas and do not attend as often during the rest of the year? If so, why?

Are you a regular church attender? If so, why?

Why in your mind is there a significant difference between the attendance at Church at Easter and Christmas then the rest of the year? 

Is this a problem that can or should be fixed?


2 responses to “Some After Easter Weekend Sunday Questions.

  1. While I am a regular church attender, I did go to 3 different services on Christmas Eve which could account for some of the bump as I did a little church shopping at that time to see how various denominations celebrate these times of year. Similarly, on Easter Sunday I visited my former home church group just to pop in and see how people were doing. While I did this out of curiosity, there is something to be said for special Christmas services that are different than the usual weekly services where a church may be doing a series or something that may make it more challenging for someone to join into the group overall of a church.

    While I do have a decade of Catholic school in my background, my family never going to church on Sunday gave me a bit of a mixed message about church growing up. Almost 2.5 years ago now, I met someone that we had quite the long conversation about Jesus where I had an intellectual understanding to his emotional understanding and after a 2.5 hour discussion I finally bowed down to his Jesus and would be where I’d officially declare myself as a Christian. I see regular church services as a way to show my faith, blend into communities and be where there are some celebrations typically. Course I can also have more than a few tears in a church service too.

    I don’t really see this as a problem that should be fixed. There will be times where people may want to invite guests and others to join in the celebration and there should be a way for churches to have more services to accommodate this influx of people. In theory, there could be churches that decide to not do anything special for Easter and Christmas which is its own way to approach the challenge.


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