5 Quick thoughts About The Calgary Mountainview Debate at SAIT tonight.

The Calgary Mountainview  Candidates met tonight for  a forum at SAIT Polytechnic

The Candidates attending were

Cecilia Low- PC

Shane McAllister-Wildrose

Christopher Mcmillan-NDP

Dr.David Swann-Liberal

Inshan Mohammed-Alberta Party


I was only there for the second half, but here were my 5 thoughts on the debate

1) Cecilia Low seems to have a different perspective then everyone else. She seemed to be “Googling today” information a few times. If pushed on issues of education, I’d like to see where that goes. She did catch Dr. Swann on the issue of voting against the budget this year

2) I really wish the Liberal party would give people a reason to vote for them as opposed to vote against the Conservatives. It was probably not Dr. Swanns best moment stating that “41 years of any government is too long. Ask Libya”

3) I know that the Wildrose Party is well ahead, and they have engaged  their audience, but I think that people might want to really listen to them. Shane McAllister was very personal, very professional, but I was quizzed by his comments on Student Loans. The party seems to know and have a plan, but might they need to be challenged on some stuff?

4) Christopher Mcmillan did his research, and recognized that Alberta wants to be engaged in the process.Not that the other didn’t, but he took and is taking this campaign seriously. He was the only one that gained applause from the crowd.

5) One may also want to put an ear to what the Alberta Party is saying. They may not get your vote now, but it might be something you want to look at later as there policies develop. Inshan Mohamed had a very Nenshi-like approach to his campaign. I also admired his honesty on one question he wasn’t able to answer.


Overall, very interesting.It did give me an insight into the parties and what is going on. I think the candidates are a microcosm of the party as a whole.

So, go to your candidates forums and form an opinion.


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