Agree or Disagree: We have a Racism problem in Canada?

We have a racism problem in Canada?

Really? Canada? We like everybody!

Well we had a candidate from a party thinking he will listen too because he is “Caucasian”

We had another candidate from the same party thinking a group of people with a sexual orientation will go to a “lake of fire.”

Wait. There’s more.

Last September a block hockey player had a banana thrown at him.

Last week on Twitter, in a story that did not get as much traction, a player for the Washington Capitals named Joel Ward was called a name.

Is there an issue or are these isolated incidents?

Agree or Disagree: Pictures and advertisements of Aborted Fetuses makes a positive impact

I was actually debating posting an actual picture…

But I couldn’t do it.

But there is a group that can. And they feel that they are getting their point across.

They are called the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. They are a Pro-Life Organization. They have a blog called Unmasking Choice . They show pictures of aborted fetuses on their website.

You may have seen them on a truck.

That’s where the controversy is. You can go on a website and make a choice to see this. While on a street going about your day, it is a picture of an aborted fetus on the truck with the word “Choice”?

You can go Here for an explanation.

What do you think? Does it impact you? Or offend you?

What are your thoughts?

Agree or Disagree: You are considering the Alberta PC

Peter Lougheed

Don Getty

Ralph Klein

Ed Stelmach

Allison Redford

Since 1971, These 5 have represented the Alberta PC Party. Elections have been a foregone conclusion. Everyone knew who would win…

Until now.

The Alberta PCS are in danger of not being in government. Both the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun have endorsed the Wildrose Party and Daniele Smith to lead Alberta.

So, where do you stand? What do you think?

VotePC  Twitter  Facebook

Your thoughts?

Agree or Disagree: The Alberta Party

One of the little known parties, but with some interest is and some support is The Alberta Party.

This is a quote from their website.

None of the traditional parties on the left (Liberals and NDP) or the right (PCs and Wildrose Alliance) have proven willing or able to move beyond ideology to face the challenges and opportunities that will emerge over the next decade and beyond. We need a new party that can be adaptable and forward thinking – that is the basis upon which the Alberta Party was conceived. Our six core principles (see below) form the foundation of our policy development process.

For more on the Alberta Party, please go to their website, follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.

The bigger problem with the two Wildrose Candidates Controversy

Much has been made and discussed about Danielle Smith defence of Ron Leech and Allan Hunsperger and what they said and wrote. It has painted the Wildrose into a corner and there are some legitimate concerns about if and when they get into government.

However, in the midst of this concerns and the questions asked to the Wildrose, I feel that there is another more pertinent question that needs to be discussed and asked.

Both Ron Leech and Allan Hunsperger are pastors. So they have dedicated their Sundays to sharing stories from the Bible. They have spoken and taught many over the years.

So the question is this. If they have spoken about Caucasians and homosexuals burning in a lake of fire, is it not fair to ask what else has been said by both of them?

Before, you get upset about this question, think about this. If you are a church goer, then one of the reasons you go is because of the Pastor. His or her words are important too you. You give them respect and they earn it. 

But that respect and that pulpit gives them a platform to speak. You listen. Leech and Hunsperger both represent Jesus. If this is what they said representing Jesus, what else are they going to say “representing Jesus”

The role of a pastor is an honour, not a priviledge. We should be expecting more form those who are.