Soon is Here

Soon is Here

I’m very excited to introduce you to my new blog. I’ve been quietly planning this out for 2012 and it is finally here. It’s a step in the step of progress.

This will be the central place that you will read my posts.

It has been a long time and some planning to get to this point. I’m really quite intrigued of what the future will bring.

I know some of you are friends with me on Facebook, and some of you follow me on Twitter. Some of you do both. Some of you do none. I’m well known I think for my nightly Agree or Disagree discussion. I’ve really wanted to create the topic on Twitter however, with 140 character limit, that’s tough. The hope is the blog will give you an unlimited amount of space to express your thoughts and feelings.

The intention is for this place to be a central place for all to discuss. I will always use Facebook, but for those who don’t, I want a place for everyone to talk and connect. The discussion is important. So you will see more of this as we go on.

As I said this is a step towards a step as I have some plans going forward. Two of them will be some guest posters and hopefully some co-blogging as well.

This is what I’m hoping you will do (No, it is not to give me $30.00).

I would like you to Subscribe and/or Follow the Blog. Pretty Please with sugar on top? There is a place to do that. That should be on your top right.

In the top corner on the right you will note something called Etiquette. I would also like you to have a look at that as it would be some guidelines as to how to conduct yourself.

If you are a blogger, can you please let me know? I don’t care if you do it a little or a lot. Or if you feel that it’s not good enough, I would love to follow it.

The last thing is I would love it if you told your friends about this. So please retweet, share on Facebook, put up a poster! From where I sit, I think people need what this can offer.

Thank you for your time reading this. Welcome to the new world!


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