Question: How should men speak about feminism?

Emma Watson’s speech to the UN.

This video has gone viral on social media.

It’s Emma Watson speech to the U.N. about women’s rights. To sum her speech, she has invited, and encouraged, men to be a part of the conversation. She encouraged men to express their sensivity and be themselves.

Now as a man I have a bit of a …..reputation….in coming across sensitive. I’m ok with that because it is true. I also have spoke for equality. As one simple example, I find it ridiculous that in 2014, there are still issues and a debate about equal work and equal pay.

However, also as a man, one of the points that Emma made is there have been times our participation hasn’t been welcome by some. It might be because we men have made many, many inappropriate comments. Fair enough. However, I know that there are men that want to speak properly into this.

My question, or questions if you will,to you is this. How should men speak into this conversation? How do we make valuable conversation into the legitimate concerns women have expressed over the years? How do we help move the conversation forward?

Any feedback is welcome?

Agree or Disagree: The Podcast-A perspective of homelessness-Robyn Moser

Robyn Moser discusses her perspective on homelessness. Topics include.

Is homelessness a choice?

A definition of homelessness.

Options for homelessness in Calgary.

Response to homelessness in Calgary.

Supports for family and those who could be homeless.

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Thank you for listening.
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Agree or Disagree: Being homeless is a choice

We have had some small conversations about this before.

I’ve interviewed a homeless man named Tim Barber on Agree or Disagree: The Podcast. He talked about his experiences being homeless in Calgary.

You might also remember we talked to Cory Chapdelaine and Kali Readwin about this topic as well. We spent some time discussing the different social implications being homeless.

Now, we have a challenge for a debate.

Robyn Moser has challenged Kathleen Smith to a debate on this topic. So, like a good Podcast, we will record it.

Some of the topics we will cover.
There will be someone who has a homeless experience. They will share it.
Current overall trends of homelessness in Calgary and Edmonton.
Current trends and concerns on LGBT homeless in Calgary and Edmonton. As well as support options for LGBT,
And of course, the question if homelessness is a choice.

For clarity, and this will be expanded on more, Robyn thinks homelessness is a choice. Kathleen does not.

To prepare us, what do you think? Is homelessness a choice? Why or why not?

Agree or Disagree: Gay Rights groups should be angered by the ” rugby marriage”

Agree or Disagree: Gay Rights groups should be angered by this “marriage”

Have you heard of the marriage of Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick?

They are in New Zealand they got married!

Isn’t that exciting? Another happy marriage! It is another progress for the LGBT movement right?


The reason? Travis and Matt are not gay. They are straight.

The other reason? They got married to win rugby tickets. You read that right. Rugby tickets.

McIntosh and McCormick tied the knot got hitched at a rugby stadium. 60 of their closest friends and tens of thousands were listening live.

This has caused anger from some gay rights groups.

In the above article from The Sydney Morning Herald, Alex Greenwich, an independent MP for Sydney and former convenes of Australian Marriage Equality is quoted as saying this.

“It essentially makes a mockery of marriage. Marriage is a really important institution about love and commitment and it’s sad to see that there are people who are making a joke out of that.”

What do you think? Is this something people standing for gay marriage should be upset about?

Agree or Disagree: We need more LGBT exclusive homeless shelters

Do we need more LGBT exclusive homeless shelters?

I hope you had the opportunity to listen to the Agree or Disagree: The Podcast interviewing Terry Lo and I had with Kelly Hofer. He describes himself as the Gay Hutterite Activist. You can hear the conversation here.

When I was thinking about this interview, I did some thinking on a few things. One if the things was the issue of homelessness.In the above CBC article, it is estimated that 25-40% of youth homeless identify themselves as LGBT. I posted a question on this topic on Facebook yesterday. We had a good discussion about it.

The other thing I was thinking about was an article from Rolling discusses the rise in the amount LGBT teens being homeless because they were disconnected from a religious family. You can read that below.

There is a lot of information here, but it leads to the question. Do we need more exclusive LGBT exclusive homeless shelters? Do we have the resources to provide the specific needs around this? Or, are homeless shelters currently able to provide this now?

Agree or Disagree:The Podcast-Interview with Kelly Hofer-Gay Hutterite Activist

Click here to listen to interview.

On the above link, you can myself and Terry Lo aka @calgarydreamer meet with Kelly Hofer. Kelly is a world recognized talented artist in Calgary. He also was part of the Hutterite community. However, his “coming out of the closet” has caused some friction within many in the community. I’m being polite saying that.

Topics we discuss include;

-How he got into, as well as learned photography.

-Understanding what exactly the Hutterite community is. As well as how it is structured.

-The benefits and concerns on how it is run.

-Growing up gay as a Hutterite.

-How he publicly came out and the responses he received for it.

-The work he has done to support other LGBT Hutterite’s.

-His current relationship with his family. As well as his attempt to his grandfather’s funeral.

-How and when should one “come out”? As well as how parents should respond.

-Gay Pride vs Straight Pride.

I’d like to thank Kelly for sharing his story. It show a lot of courage.

If you have comments, feel free to share them.

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Agree or Disagree: There is enough reason to believe Jesus never existed.

5 reasons to suspect that Jesus never existed.

You might have seen this article. It is an article stating 5 reasons to suspect that Jesus never existed.

To review what the article’s 5 reasons are that Jesus may not have existed, they are the following;

1.No first century secular evidence whatsoever exists to support the actuality of Yeshua Ben Yosef.

2.The earliest New Testament writers seem ignorant of the details of Jesus’ life,which become more crystallized in later texts.

3.Even the New Testament stories don’t claim to be first-hand accounts.

4.The gospels, our on accounts of a historical Jesus, contradict each other.

5.Modern scholars who claim to have real historical Jesus depict wildly wildly different persons.

I will let you look into the article for the reasons behind them.

Now, I know we have discussed aspects of these in a number of different conversations over the years. I also know many of you will disagree with the 5 reasons. You might look at certain theologians like Ravi Zacharais, Josh McDowell and C.S. Lewis as to reason why Jesus clearly existed.

For those who have kept reading, I would like to ask you some other questions.

Is it important that Jesus existed too you? Why or why not?

If Jesus didn’t exist, what about the stories and teachings He shared? Do they lose significance? Or, do the meanings of the stories remain important?

I suspect this will be an interesting discussion.