Agree or Disagree: Cameras on Police Officers

Agree or Disagree: Cameras on Police Officers

I sense that there will be an instant reaction to this one.

The idea of installing Cameras on Police Officers is becoming a more common thought and discussion as time goes on. Some have suggested that it would help in what is going on in Ferguson right now. As well, some have already started.

The reason? The early study’s are suggesting it is preventing crime. I’ll let you read the link above as an example.

What do you think of this idea!

Agree or Disagree: The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised awareness for ALS

The History of the Ice Bucket Challenge


It has gone viral.

It has involved athletes, celebrities, and others.

This summer, people all over North America have had ice buckets of cold water poured over them

It is the Ice Bucket Challenge. The intent is to raise funds for ALS.

Above, is a link giving the history of the Ice Bucket Challenge. It was started by Pat Quinn, an ALS survivor. At first, this was not successful. Then his friends got involved, and well, everybody is doing it.

However, the question is if this has actually been effective in raising awareness for ALS? Before you say the answer is obvious, let’s look at a couple of things.

I’m not sure how you heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge, but I tell you how I did. I saw it on a sports highlight show. It was Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll getting dunked. Then others had it happen. And others. However, it took me several dunks before I was aware this was for ALS. I wonder how you heard about it.


It had raised an incredible amount of funds. Particularly where they were last year. In the same space of July 29-August 16 2013,there were ALS fundraisers that were reporting between $20,000-$30,000. Now, many are reporting over $1, million dollars.

If you think about it, the concept is a good idea. Especially in the athletic world. Many organizations celebrate major wins or championships by dumping Gatorade on the winning coach. Plus, professional sports teams have been very conscious about their involvement in their local community. Let’s also not forget that ALS has also been called Lou Gehrig’s disease. Gehrig is a legendary baseball player that died of ALS

That still leaves the question on the fundraiser’s impact.

Has this helped you be aware of ALS? Do you identify with it? If you, or your family have ALS, has this opened the conversation about it?

1 in 5

1 in 5.

It’s been a number that has been ringing in my head this week.

1 in 5.

If you believe the statistics from the Canadian Mental Health Association,and there is no reason not too, 1in 5 Canadians suffer from some form of mental illness. Maybe it’s depression. Maybe it’s anxiety. Maybe it’s behaviour or substance abuse.

Let’s put this in perspective.

As you scroll down your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest feed, 1 in 5 people’s status could suffer from a mental illness.

Of the people that you might have an online debate with, 1 in 5 could be suffering from a mental illness.

When you are at work,1 in 5 of your colleagues could be suffering from a mental illness.

When you are at the bar or the pub, 1 in 5 of the crowd could be suffering from some sort of mental illness.

If you are a church goer, 1 in 5 people in your church could be suffering from a mental illness. This by the way, will include the pastor, the ushers and the worship band.

We were all impacted this week by the sudden death by Robin Williams. A very talented, gifted actor and comedian, with apparently from us on the outside, wax successful and rich. We were shocked to learn it was death by suicide. We expressed our condolences, reflected on his great movie’s and TV Shows and honoured his talent.

Then a blog was written by someone that angered, hurt and deeply offended many people about depression and suicide. You know who it is. I’m not going to talk about it, because it is not the point of this conversation.

There was debate about solutions, choices and options. There were also many posts about mental illness this week. Here were a couple of things that stuck with me.

The first on is that depression is not discriminatory. It can happen to any of us, no matter the social status. There were many comments about how money cannot buy you happiness. If that is your thought, then I highly suggest you educate yourself on mental illness.

The second one might make you feel uncomfortable.

It is estimated that there are approximately 3,500 death by suicides in Canada. That averages out to 9.5 a day. Let’s put this in perspective.

The day before Robin Williams passed, it was possible that up to 9 people died by suicide.

The day that Robin Williams passed, it was possible that up to 9 people died by suicide.

The day after Robin Williams passed, it was possible that up to 9 people died by suicide.

I have to ask if there was any moving tributes or thoughts about that on social media this week?

Something else. The Distress Centre reported that there was a 6-7 percent increase in calls from people considering suicide this week. On Tuesday, they reported 200 calls about considering suicide.

There could be a number of theories as to why that is. However, remember this.
The Distress Centre takes calls like this every day. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Including Christmas. The day before Robin Williams passed. The day of Robin Williams passing. The day after Robin Williams passing.

They will also take calls on suicide when this story becomes a distant memory.

I’m not an expert on this topic at all. I’m learning and continuing to educate myself on this issue. The main thing I’m learning is that there is lots to learn. And as much as we can tell someone to cheer up pray more, eat better, or look on the bright side of live, I’m learning this issue is much more complex.

I do think that the conversation around this needs safety, security and respect. There was a time I brought the topic in this thread and it came off very offensive. For that, I’m sorry.

However, this leads me to some questions.

I’m wondering how does topic move from something that we talk about when this happens to a person of stature to reminding people to be aware that mental illness is a real daily issue?

I’m also wondering how we help people be aware of others. How do we remind people that there is more to us than what you see? And there is power in connecting?

I also wonder how us in the blogosphere can move this topic to a respectful, kind, open, dialogue?

How does the 1 in 5 continue to resonate with us?

Agree or Disagree: Alberta’s “last call” should move from 2:00 to 4:00 AM


Today is “Hump Day”, or….well…..Wednesday.

We are halfway through the week.

Meaning, it is almost Friday.

Which might mean for many of you, it will be time for you to have a pint with some of your favourite folks.

Do you remember back in February when there was some…little hockey game? We all got up a little early and we went to a pub to watch. It was announced that the liquor laws were loosened to allow us to have a pint to watch the hockey game.

Well, it opened up a discussion about changing Alberta’s last call. Moving the law that bars can close to 4:00 AM instead of 2:00 AM.

Lots of other provinces have done this. Is it time for Alberta to change with the times?

Agree or Disagree: You should have sex with your spouse every day.

Click on link here

First of all, I’m single and not married.

I’ve had conversations with friends of mine that are in long term relationships. I have to tell you that I don’t believe I have ever heard the expectation of sex every day with your spouse. I hear more of a thought of relationships change in time. And that expressions of love change.

But, the writer of the above Huffington Post, who is a wife, believes she should have sex with her husband every day.

She gives 5 reasons. I’ll let you read the article, but I’ll give you the short version.

1. It is a celebration of her femininity.
2. Men need to have sex and feel loved.
3. It is an opportunity to create moments with couples.
4. Sex relieves stress.
5. Sex is fun.

What are your thoughts?

Agree or Disagree: AMP Radio decision to change format to QuickHitz

AMP Radio made a very polarizing decision this week. They have decided to change their format from a Top 40 to a “QuickHitz”. QuickHitz, to put it simply, does not play the complete song. So, you will hear a part of one song, then you will go on to hear part of the next song.

The reason AMP Radio has made the decision is because they feel their listeners have a short attention span. They don’t actually listen to full songs.

Now, the Internet has seen lots of comments. However, the most outspoken critic has been Jann Arden. She has posted numerous Tweets expressing her anger of this decision. She even went so far as to ask AMP Radio to not play her songs anymore.

Her reason? While her opponents say it’s about her current relevance, her tweets clearly show that she has a concern with how disrespectful it is to the actual artists who create the music. The thousands of hours the musician spends on perfecting their craft. She feels that the QuickHitz format and AMP Radio is going to massacre the music industry.

There are two interesting things to consider in this discussion. The first is how people are actually listening to the radio. As well for that matter, watch TV. We do flip from channel to channel when we are not “in the mood” for something. If you look at your radio listening, you can determine if that is true or not.

The second part of this discussion is how we are listening to music. It seems that people are actually listening to the radio less. I, myself, simply download my music from ITunes. I can listen to what I want she I want. There are other options as well including satellite radio. Point being, there seems to be less interest in mainstream local radio.

So what do you think of AMP radio’s decision? Will it massacre the music industry?

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